The Isaan of Northeast Thailand

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What you'll find in this website:

bulletLearn about Isaan people and culture by checking out the Isaan People Profile (including map with percentages of Christians by district).
bulletPray for current prayer requests by reading Isaan Interceders.
bulletSelect photos to view photos and slide shows of Isaan people.
bulletChoose IMB to find out about the work of the Isaan Team of the International Mission Board (Southern Baptist Convention).
bulletTo find out about opportunities to be involved in God's work among the Isaan, see What Can I Do?


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Contact Information

If you would like more information about the Isaan or ways you can participate in reaching the Isaan with the gospel, please contact our team at the address below:

Postal address
Isaan Interceders
P.O. Box 832
          Bangkok 10501
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General Information:

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