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What Can I Do?

bulletYou can pray for God's Holy Spirit to work among the Isaan: proclaiming, revealing, and saving (Isaiah 43:6-12).
bulletYou can pray for God to call out Christian workers among the Isaan (Matthew 9:38)
bulletYou can pray for God to equip Isaan Believers to participate in starting a reproducing church planting movement both in the 19 Isaan provinces and all over the world, wherever Isaan people are found (Colossians 1:9-12; Ephesians 3:14-21).
bulletRequest copies of the Isaan Interceders, a brief, quarterly newsletter with specific prayer requests and answers. Please e-mail us at caldwell@loxinfo.co.th  and let us know if you would like to receive the newsletter via e-mail or regular mail (include your address).

Other Opportunities:

bulletGive one or two weeks of your time to a Prayer Walk in strategic areas for the Isaan.
bulletOffer your expertise in starting and running small businesses, medical skills, or agriculture for short-term volunteer or career work among the Isaan.
bulletLead your church or mission organization to adopt the Isaan as your Unreached People Group.
bulletHelp send workers to the Isaan people, short and long term.
bulletHelp sponsor evangelical radio broadcasts in the Isaan dialect.
bulletHelp sponsor the printing and distribution of song books in the Isaan language.
bulletHelp provide evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training materials for workshops with the Isaan.


For more information about these and other opportunities, e-mail us at caldwell@loxinfo.co.th or write us at 

Isaan Interceders
P.O. Box 832
Bangkok, 10501

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